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Q: How long before delivery do you brew your hot coffee?
A: We know how important freshness is to taste of coffee, which is why we brew it literally minutes before it’s ready to be delivered.

Q: Can I choose my condiments?
A: Yes, at checkout you’ll be able to pick between organic raw cane sugar, organic and unrefined coconut sugar (a low-glycemic option), and organic stevia for sweeteners (or a combination of them), and one kind of milk—whole, 2%, or almond milk.

Q: Are your milk products in single-serve containers?
A: No. We truly believe in providing the highest quality, healthy products for our customers. We don’t believe single-serve dairy products meet those expectations. Therefore, we’ll provide you with just enough of real milk in a carton, like you would buy in a store. And less plastic is so much better for the planet.

Q: What are your delivery charges?
A: If you spend $50 or more, we’ll deliver for free within 25 miles from our office in the Loop (downtown Chicago). In other cases, check the delivery cost on the product page. We don’t deliver further than 50 miles.

Q: Can I pick up myself?
A: Absolutely. Let’s talk about where you’ll be coming from to determine the best location for pick-up.

Q: I have a question you didn’t cover here.
A: Please, check out the rest of our FAQ section or contact us directly. We’ll be delighted to help.