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Every detail your guests get to experience communicates something. Lighting, comfort of the chairs, sound quality, presentation slides, pens with your logo. Coffee is no different. It can tremendously boost your image perception or make it go sour. We do the ‘boost’.

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Q: Can I get a custom quote for my particular event?
A: By all means! The easiest way to get started is to fill out our 'request for a quote' survey. It doesn't mean you are booking our services but will help you ask the right questions, see all the options, and will allow us to send you an exact proposal.

Q: What does type of service’ mean?
A: We offer a few different types of service, such as pour over bar (manual methods, like Chemex, Kalita Wave, and siphon), small-batch filter coffee, decaf, cold brew (on tap), nitro cold brew (on tap), tea bar (a selection of three loose-leaf teas), kombucha (raw or flavored), cold brew tea, espresso, and craft hot cocoa bar. You can mix-and-match any of the types or choose them all for the ultimate experience. Read more on the Catering selection page.

Q: Are the drinks really unlimited?
A: Yes. No gimmicks. It means that your guest can have as many beverages as they want.

Q: What fees do you charge in addition to the price of the catering service?
A: None. No set-up, clean-up, additional baristas, almond milk surcharge—none of that. We don’t like being nickeled-and-dimed either. The only exception might be if we need to travel more than 25 miles from our office in the Loop (downtown Chicago). If we need to do so, it will be a nominal, flat charge (depending on the distance).

Q: What condiments do you provide?
A: First of all, we always encourage the guests to try our coffee and tea without condiments. It’s simply that good—it does not require anything added. However, if someone is used to having milk and sugar, we provide organic raw cane sugar, organic and unrefined coconut sugar (a low-glycemic option), organic stevia, and raw unfiltered pure non-GMO clover honey. Our milk selection includes organic whole, 2%, and almond milk.

Q: Most people serve coffee only in plastic and paper cups. Why are you different?
A: We realize that our clients work hard on every detail of their wedding or event. We are committed to emphasizing this special atmosphere, not undermining it. Therefore, we serve our hot coffee and tea in beautiful white china cups, cold brew and nitro—in elegant glasses, and we serve them with aesthetically-pleasing stainless steel, heavy-weight flatware. Of course, we are prepared to serve our beverages in paper or plastic cups to guests who wish to take them ‘on the go’ after the event or when it’s not convenient or practical to use glassware (like an office lunch).

China and glassware is a good option for 'closed' events—people will spend all their time at the venue. It doesn't really work well for 'open' events like conferences, trade shows, or in public places where people only pass through.

Q: I have a question you didn’t cover here.
A: Please, check out the rest of our FAQ section or contact us directly. We’ll be delighted to help.